Summer’s Last


With the temperature inevitably dropping and rain drops arriving to soothe the drought, winter is creeping up on us (still trying to wrap my head around this fact). Take my OOTD as an ode to the closing of Summer.


This leather vintage belt with metal bull detail is one of my favourite accessories. It was my mom’s when she was my age, until I stole it a few years ago. You just don’t get belts like these anymore. If anyone has seen anything quite like this, hollaa.


See more of my outfit:


I’m wearing:

Peasant blouse – Zara

Shorts – Vintage

Sunglasses – Ray-ban at Sunglass Hut

Bag – Zara

Belt – Vintage

Heels – Zara


Photos by the talented Radiefa Peters.
Check out her website!


Lilac & Lime

Some people ask how I wear heels all day, with sourcing and running around etc. 
Firstly, I never buy heels that are uncomfortable in any sense (Ok, this has happened before but I’ve learnt, promise). Block heels are my favourite for daily activities as they are usually always more comfy than most heels.
I also use my height as an excuse. Being 1.6m tall, I take full advantage of wearing heels. This is pretty much not really the reason I wear them as I actually just really love the look of them, a lot more than flats. They’re like eye candy, I don’t even notice the flats in a store unless they’re incredible (and I mean, they have to be pretty damn amazing).
But mainly, I wear heels because your job is only as glamorous as you make it. I feel powerful in heels, a woman on a mission if you will. So there’s my answer in a nutshell. It’s not rocket science, I just feel fabulous in them, and you should wear what you feel amazing in, that’s what fashion’s ultimately about.
 I also just bought the highest heels I have yet to own, in the form of soft black leather yet super hardcore ankle boots with laces, buckles, tractor treads and pretty much all things extraordinary. They were pricey but it was worth the investment 😉 I will posting on them soon!
I’m wearing:
Fringed tee – Zara
Oxblood leather mini – MRP
Cape knit – Cotton On
The most amazing heels in the world – Stradivarius
Sunglasses – Miu Miu at Sunglass Hut
Handbag – H&M
These walls look like giant scoops of ice cream. Black current & lime anyone? Yes please.
By the way, I just came back from an amazing weekend away in the Karoo where I found a new love for giraffes. Such underrated animals!