What a novelty, Jeffrey Campbell

A few years ago I discovered a Californian shoe designer (I’m a huge shoe feen) called Jeffrey Campbell. I instantly fell in love with his chunky and unique shoe designs, especially the Lita boots. Although many (usually males) think the Litas resemble, as I have heard before, ‘clown boots’ I love their chunkiness and large platform on the soles. When I researched I sadly discovered they don’t sell them in South Africa, so, when I knew I was going to be living in Bangkok I made a pact to myself to buy them. Two months and the same amount I pay for rent later- voilà, I own a pair of nude/stone JC Litas complete with studs (more like spikes) on the back of them. They are my pride and glory at the moment. I get home everyday, put them on and prance around in our flat. I have worn them once here, but it’s so hot so I’m waiting to wear them when I’m back in Cape Town.

And speaking of which, a friend just informed me that they now DO stock them in a shop called ‘The Lot’ in Cape Town. Just my luck! Haha.

The beauties:

Here are other pairs of JC’s I tried on in the store (‘Villains’ in Siam Centre, Bangkok):

Plan Litas, nice for everyday wear
Spiked, leather Litas
The Foxy Wood (you can also get them spiked, surprise surprise)
The Donna Platforms
Have a good day gorgeous people!

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