The beginning.

Life is wonderfully strange. Things happen, people change, ideas form. If there is one thing I’ve realized is that you can see everything- your life, you’re world- so much more clearly from a distance. 

I first started writing a blog (mainly fashion but also life) in 2010, my first year of university where I felt I needed something more in my life. I was struggling with slight demotivation (maybe simply boredom- I’m still am not one hundred percent sure). Since then I feel like I’ve changed my ideas, style and even interests in one way or another which put me off writing as my blog was something like an outdated diary. Hence ‘Cleopatra’ the blog has formed (Cleopatra is my full name, although most know me as ‘cleo’). And where better to start this blog than from here in Bangkok- at a distance.

I have finally stopped being lazy and have (hopefully) got my act together. As a person I feel like I sometimes change my mind about things quickly, things that fascinate and occupy me sometimes don’t do so for long, I’m praying that this won’t be one of those cases. (But I’m not completely oblivious to self discipline too  :P)

The thing that I possibly struggle with most in life is how I change my mind so quickly. I sometimes wish I could stick to one feeling for more than 5 minutes. Content sounds like a boring word but it possibly leads to a healthy level of peace within which I have come to admire in a sense…

I read somewhere that being a Sagittarian I possibly struggle with a sense of ‘self restlessness’; maybe that is what it comes down too in the end. 

If you ever have any constructive criticism, don’t hesitate to let me know.

X Cleopatra

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