My Microblading Experience – Here’s All You Need To Know Brows on fleek.


I first heard about microblading while on set with the lovely make up artist Renee de Wit – shoutout to you Ren😜. She whipped out her phone and showed me this YouTube video of a girl having her eyebrows bladed. It looked scary. Interesting but scary. I’m squeamish at my best. It took a little research and COSMO’s beauty editor, Juana, getting the procedure done to convince me. Hers look so good… I decided to go for it! For someone who is lazy AF when it comes to grooming my eyebrows, I though it would be perfect for me. After all, there’s nothing better than low maintenance grooming.

So, last Friday I paid a visit to Nicol Frank of Blush Cape Town. She had microbladed both Juana and Rene, so I knew I was in good hands! Being a normally fussy client (I’m a perfectionist, what can I say) I was super impressed when I left Nicol’s place feeling like I had the brows on fleek we always hear about.


So Here’s The Lowdown:

In A Nutshell: The first thing you need to know is that mircoblading isn’t “permanent tattooing” (that sounds waay too scary) but rather a technique to creating the semi-permanent drawing of eyebrows in the form of hairlike strokes which lasts 3-5 years (yearly colour refreshers can be done if needed).



#1 When I got to Nicol’s she first numbed my forehead for twenty minutes. See the above pic of me rocking cling wrap after the numbing cream is applied.

#2 Then we mixed the colour. This we chatted about, and we decided on a medium to dark brown to suit the natural colour of my eyebrows and hair.

#3 She then drew the shape of my eyebrows with eye pencil which is determined by the shape I wanted (not rounded and rather arched) and then also by the morphology of the face.

#4 After checking my forehead was numb enough, Nicol started with the blading to create natural looking hair like strokes.


#5 The end result? Fuller, more structured, beautifully arched and perfectly filled in eyebrows.


Does It Hurt?

Nope, if you do come across an area that’s a little sensitive, a little more numbing cream is applied.


Healing takes about 3-5 days. You need to apply either coconut oil or vaseline straight after your procedure, three times a day for a week. This will ease the scabbing (you start scabbing after about 5 days but it’s not really noticeable).



To me the main advantage was the fact that you don’t need to pencil in your eyebrows for 3-5 years after the procedure. It also opens up the eyes as the brows look like they’re lifted! Nicol also mentioned that because the stimulation of the blade produces collagen, it makes the skin more elastic which means you, more often than not, start growing hair in the areas that are bladed.

Overall I’m super happy I decided to go for this! It’s been ten days and my eyebrows have healed perfectly! Not to mention I haven’t needed to fill them in since the procedure. #Winning


For more info, feel free to ask me questions, head to Blush Cape Town or email Nicol: