Today I leave the amazingly addictive city that I have been living in for the past 4 months and have pretty much fallen in love with. Sure, I am excited to go back home and see my family, friends, dogs and just good old Cape Town, but damn I’m going to miss my life here….

Bangkok scares some, overwhelms others…and for those who pop in for a night or two before setting off on their island trip it may be too chaotic, wild and insane… However, give it a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks…and it will suck you right in. In the most famous words “Bangkok has taken them” (Hangover 2).

Some of the things that stole my heart: the delicious street food (it’s a way of life here and the Thais take the utmost pride in preparing it) especially The Purple People!, of course the weird and wonderful and WIDE variety of smells as you walk down the street, public transport- especially motorbike taxis and their weaving between the tiniest spaces with such precision, food: green curry, panang curry, stir fry and sweet basil, Tom Yum gai, lemon grass and ginger, the fact that you can buy anything and everything your heart desires on good old Pradiphat road, the best street banana and Nutella pancakes, markets, the insane malls, the Magnum cafe, Levels, the odd monk casually strolling down the road, Hong Thong (still not 100% sure what type of alcohol it is), Ladies Night, The Roof on Koh Sahn for the best live entertainment in Bangkok, the heat, our amazing condo block- Lumpini Place, the BTS!, our amazing city view from the 28th floor, Mystics Cafe down the road for the best coffee & cashew nut chicken, the fact that there’s a 7/11 every few meters is crazy- but I will miss it, Firehouse for the best burgers I have yet to experience, working at BED Supperclub and the amazing team there, Siam, even the fact that you have to use charades so often because of the language barrier, living with my amazing roomie and best friend, and most importantly the amazing friends we have made over the past 4 months…..


December– Arriving, Hua Hin beach party for New Years Eve. Setting off lanterns.

January– Visiting a temple in Hua Hin and being blessed by a monk. Getting a job as kindergarten teacher at a good school. Moving to Bangkok. Moving into our new Condo block Lumpini Place. Meeting amazing people, exploring and discovering the city, shopping, nightlife and Thai culture. Our first pay check! Levels, The Roof, The Club and co. on Koh Sahn.

February– Kirst’s 21st crazy celebrations, Above11 sky bar, Sven Vath at BED Supperclub, massages, Jeffrey Campbell purchase, going to the POLO, Bombay Blues, Firehouse, Rambutree, end of year school play

March– End of job as kindergarten teacher, ISLAND HOLIDAY: (Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Krabi, Phi Phi) and our crazy adventures- swimming with black tip reef sharks, riding elephants, getting my first tattoo, the newlyweds, doing the fire limbo, meeting wonderful people along the way, Getting 3 part time jobs (2 as English tutor and one as hostess at BED Supperclub, Soi 11)

April– Starting jobs, making crazy friends including a lady boy, SONGKRAN (Thai New Years and huge water festival)- trip to Chiang Mai, petting tigers, crazy nights out, Asiatique waterfront, seeing Pendulum live at BED!!

All I can say is that we couldn’t have had a better experience in Bangkok if we tried… Ready for the next adventure!


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