My Lash Lift Experience – All You Need To Know 1x Order of Daisy Duck lashes, please.

Last year I discovered the lovely life of long lashes, with the help of eyelash extensions. This year, I discovered the ‘lash lift’.

So, we all know about extensions but a ‘lash lift’ was fairly new terminology to me. Although I’m not the most gifted in the eyelash department, I love them fluttering Daisy Duck lashes – and naturally loved the idea of longer looking lashes without glue and maintenance. So, I paid eyelash guru and ex-Beauty Editor at Elle, Sarah Chasteau, a visit and this is what I discovered.

What is a ‘lash lift’?

In A Nutshell: A ‘lash lift’ is a treatment done to the top lashes to lift and curl them so that they look longer and fuller. It’s basically like curling your lashes, except the effect lasts up to eight weeks (and you don’t loose any lashes in the process). If you are not one for extensions and maintenance, the lash lift is for you.

The Process:

While I struggle keeping my eyes shut for two hours during the lash extension process, the ‘lash lift’ process is quicker (takes about 45 min), gentler and you don’t feel much at all.

#1 The bottom lashes are secured down with tape or eye pads and silicone shields are gently glued over the closed lids.

#2 The lashes are then curled back and secured on the shields and are set in that shape. 

#3 After applying and removing the treatment lotions to the lashes, the lashes are washed and set into a beautiful lifted curl.

#4 The end result? You’re left with a beautiful wide eyed look with (natural) longer and fuller looking lashes. 


No mascara, oily type creams or beauty products allowed on the eyes and lashes for 24 hours after the treatment. After that, life goes on as usual!


It last for 6-8 weeks and costs R400. For enhanced effect Sarah recommends a lash tint a day before the treatment.


There are no long term or damaging effects as long as you use a trained therapist who uses the correct products. 


I would% recommend this treatment – especially for those girl who have long lashes. Although it worked on me, I think it would look even better on someone like my sister who naturally has longer lashes. This I find a pro compared to extensions that left my lashes sightly less full and you also won’t need to tackle the eyelash curler every day!

Follow Sarah on Insta here or contact her on 079 729 5244.


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