Inslee Obsessed

Good morning!

The other day I discovered a website I have to share with you. I was looking at different fashion illustrations for my blog header and I came across a lot of beautiful, very a la mode fashion sketches by this girl called ‘Inslee’. Anyways, I tracked down her website and I have spent hours everyday on it checking out all her sketches. They are so addictively chic I keep on pressing the ‘older posts’ button. She has made quite a successful business out of these sketches and currently works and lives in New York City. I wanted a custom made one but 1,500 $ is not do-able right now however, the sketch I currently have is also by her, I tweaked it to double the brunette girl image, this was the original:

I will be happy spending many more hours of the year looking at more and more Inslee eye candy… Check out some of my favourites.

Check it out:
Cleopatra X

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