Gelish Me

A lot has happened in the past week and so blogging has been last on my list. I’m not going to get too personal but in short my baby sister was in a terrible car accident and has been in ICU since. It was a miracle that she survived and for that I want to say two things- miracles do happen, and, appreciate your loved ones and EVERY DAY that goes by, because life is so fragile and everything can change in a flash.

Onto more trivial things… Lets talk about a thing called Gelish. I’ve been getting Gelish done for about a year now. It’s basically a gel nail polish that once on your nails ‘sets’ when you put it under a LED light. I’m very OCD when it’s comes to nails and as soon as there’s a chip (which is usually after a day or so) – I remove it. This genius creation lasts for up to 3 weeks AND leaves your nails look glossy and well-groomed.

“You can tell a lot from a person’s nails. When a life starts to unravel, they’re among the first to go.”

 1. CLASSIC – French Manicure 

 2. FUN – Ring Nail Trend 

 3. TIMELESS – Red Nails 

I go to Spoilt Nails (it’s also a hair salon) on Greenpoint Main Road (next to Vida & Hudsons). It’s not badly priced compare to other salons, they groom (file, wash, buff, treat) your nails too and sometimes even throw in a sneaky hand massage. They use the brand called Harmony at Spoiltbut different salons use different types e.g.. Shellac.

They will warn you, however, not to peel the Gelish off you nails (as tempted as you’ll be) as it will remove about 3 layers of your nail bed! DO NOT DO IT. You have to go and have them soaked off which is a pain sometimes but totally worth it and you can just get them reapplied. Pictures and price list below. 

At Spoilt Nails salon

Bag- Aldo. Sneaker wedges- Promod. Leather velt jacket- H&M. Tights- Woolworths.
‘Rendez-vous’, the latest colour I chose

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