3 Transforming Beauty Secrets

1. The Vinegar trick 

     Tried and tested by my whole family and many of my friends, this one always gets people wrinkling up their noses when I tell them about it. However, it WORKS so well I can tell if my mom has done the vinegar trick as soon as she totters out of her bedroom hair looking bright, healthy, shiny and glossy- you name it. 

Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH level of your hair & remove the buildup that can result from the use of these styling products, shampoo & conditioner.

-Put 3 tables spoons of white apple cider vinegar into a glass & fill the rest of the glass to the top with water. 
-Wash and condition your hair and then after rinsing apply the concoction onto your hair.
-Massage your scalp for 30 sec and then rinse well (so your hair doesn’t end up smelling like vinegar). After blow-drying your hair you should see results.

2. Eye lash queen 

I’m a bit lashes obsessed; I take longer putting on mascara than doing my hair every morning. Unless you have Adrianna Lima eyelashes, every girl should own an eyelash curler. It’s the best thing since the olive depip-er.  Use it before you do your mascara as it can pull your lashes out if you use it after.
Also for extra effect: use the end of the mascara wand to put mascara of the TIPS of your lashes. Do this after the first coat of mascara has dried. This works so well! Then ta-da long lashes.

My 3 all time favourite mascaras:

Essence is a very good inexpensive German make up brand. I’m actually using this ‘Get Big Lashes’ mascara at the moment, it really works amazingly! And it costs like R50 ($7), crazy.

An all time favourite, Maybelline’s best- One by One Volume Express.

Every girl needs to own one of these in her lifetime, even though its not every day we can buy R400-R500 (approx. $50) mascara.

3. Highlight ‘must’ Areas 

A quick make up trick to look bright and glowing in the morning- Dab some light highlighting eye shadow in the corner of each eye by your tear duct, under the arch of your eyebrows towards your hairline and just above your check bone. I use a light goldy white colour from the Body Shop’s shimmer waves. I do it everyday and it really makes a difference (especially if you look tired).

Applying all three beauty secrets…

The pink circles the 3 main areas I highlight- the tear duct, upper cheekbone & under arch of the eyebrow.
And the end result….ta-da!
Let me know your results!

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