My Lash Lift Experience – All You Need To Know 1x Order of Daisy Duck lashes, please.


Last year I discovered the lovely life of long lashes, with the help of eyelash extensions. This year, I discovered the ‘lash lift’.

So, we all know about extensions but a ‘lash lift’ was fairly new terminology to me. Although I’m not the most gifted in the eyelash department, I love them fluttering Daisy Duck lashes – and naturally loved the idea of longer looking lashes without glue and maintenance. So, I paid eyelash guru and ex-Beauty Editor at Elle, Sarah Chasteau, a visit and this is what I discovered.

What is a ‘lash lift’?

In A Nutshell: A ‘lash lift’ is a treatment done to the top lashes to lift and curl them so that they look longer and fuller. It’s basically like curling your lashes, except the effect lasts up to eight weeks (and you don’t loose any lashes in the process). If you are not one for extensions and maintenance, the lash lift is for you.

The Process:

While I struggle keeping my eyes shut for two hours during the lash extension process, the ‘lash lift’ process is quicker (takes about 45 min), gentler and you don’t feel much at all.

#1 The bottom lashes are secured down with tape or eye pads and silicone shields are gently glued over the closed lids.

#2 The lashes are then curled back and secured on the shields and are set in that shape. 

#3 After applying and removing the treatment lotions to the lashes, the lashes are washed and set into a beautiful lifted curl.

#4 The end result? You’re left with a beautiful wide eyed look with (natural) longer and fuller looking lashes. 


No mascara, oily type creams or beauty products allowed on the eyes and lashes for 24 hours after the treatment. After that, life goes on as usual!


It last for 6-8 weeks and costs R400. For enhanced effect Sarah recommends a lash tint a day before the treatment.


There are no long term or damaging effects as long as you use a trained therapist who uses the correct products. 


I would% recommend this treatment – especially for those girl who have long lashes. Although it worked on me, I think it would look even better on someone like my sister who naturally has longer lashes. This I find a pro compared to extensions that left my lashes sightly less full and you also won’t need to tackle the eyelash curler every day!

Follow Sarah on Insta here or contact her on 079 729 5244.


Good Genes, Great Jeans Denim, duh.


While planning Cosmo’s denim issue – our June issue – thought it would be suitable to dabble in denim myself.

Oh, how I love the new season’s denim details and trends.

Here, I wear two of them:

#1 Embroidered Denim – I purchased these jeans in Barcelona last year and simultaneously popped both my ‘mom jeans’ and ’embroidered jeans’ “cherry”. I still feel weird wearing them without heels due to their mom silhouette but who cares about flats when you have these deep burgundy velvet heels.

#2 Patchwork Denim – Towards the end of last year I was invited to customise a Levis trucker denim jacket by using their new Tailor Shop service at the V&A Waterfront. It’s pretty damn cool – you can take any of your denims to the store and, with help of their resident ‘tailor’, customise them using badges, studs, rip effects and more.


I’m wearing:

‘Ready’ tee and velvet heels – Mango

Embroidered jeans – Pull & Bear *Buy cute ones here & here.

Trucker denim jacket (worn at end) – Levis

Nerd glasses – MRP *Buy cute ones here.


I’m excited to be attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town next week! Stay posted for more.

Photos by Radiefa Peters.


My Microblading Experience – Here’s All You Need To Know Brows on fleek.


I first heard about microblading while on set with the lovely make up artist Renee de Wit – shoutout to you Ren😜. She whipped out her phone and showed me this YouTube video of a girl having her eyebrows bladed. It looked scary. Interesting but scary. I’m squeamish at my best. It took a little research and COSMO’s beauty editor, Juana, getting the procedure done to convince me. Hers look so good… I decided to go for it! For someone who is lazy AF when it comes to grooming my eyebrows, I though it would be perfect for me. After all, there’s nothing better than low maintenance grooming.

So, last Friday I paid a visit to Nicol Frank of Blush Cape Town. She had microbladed both Juana and Rene, so I knew I was in good hands! Being a normally fussy client (I’m a perfectionist, what can I say) I was super impressed when I left Nicol’s place feeling like I had the brows on fleek we always hear about.


So Here’s The Lowdown:

In A Nutshell: The first thing you need to know is that mircoblading isn’t “permanent tattooing” (that sounds waay too scary) but rather a technique to creating the semi-permanent drawing of eyebrows in the form of hairlike strokes which lasts 3-5 years (yearly colour refreshers can be done if needed).



#1 When I got to Nicol’s she first numbed my forehead for twenty minutes. See the above pic of me rocking cling wrap after the numbing cream is applied.

#2 Then we mixed the colour. This we chatted about, and we decided on a medium to dark brown to suit the natural colour of my eyebrows and hair.

#3 She then drew the shape of my eyebrows with eye pencil which is determined by the shape I wanted (not rounded and rather arched) and then also by the morphology of the face.

#4 After checking my forehead was numb enough, Nicol started with the blading to create natural looking hair like strokes.


#5 The end result? Fuller, more structured, beautifully arched and perfectly filled in eyebrows.


Does It Hurt?

Nope, if you do come across an area that’s a little sensitive, a little more numbing cream is applied.


Healing takes about 3-5 days. You need to apply either coconut oil or vaseline straight after your procedure, three times a day for a week. This will ease the scabbing (you start scabbing after about 5 days but it’s not really noticeable).



To me the main advantage was the fact that you don’t need to pencil in your eyebrows for 3-5 years after the procedure. It also opens up the eyes as the brows look like they’re lifted! Nicol also mentioned that because the stimulation of the blade produces collagen, it makes the skin more elastic which means you, more often than not, start growing hair in the areas that are bladed.

Overall I’m super happy I decided to go for this! It’s been ten days and my eyebrows have healed perfectly! Not to mention I haven’t needed to fill them in since the procedure. #Winning


For more info, feel free to ask me questions, head to Blush Cape Town or email Nicol:


Sole Venture Shoe love since '91.


My love affair with shoes started at the ripe age of two. My mother was pregnant with my baby sister and to prevent any kind of rivalry, she purchased my favourite, red shoes (I was obsessed with red shoes at the time) and put them in the hospital cot with my newly born sister.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight – with both my new red shoes and my baby sis.

That’s as far back as I can trace my shoe love. Nearly twenty three years later and my closet comprises of 70% shoes and 30% clothing (this is true a true story).

The newest addition to my shoe closet? These tan lace up block heels that are flattering as they are versatile!


I’m wearing:

Top worn backwards – Zara

Jeans – H&M

Bag – Vintage

Heels – Billini on Superbalist

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-20-58-pm screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-03-37-pm screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-11-21-pm screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-18-13-pm
screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-05-41-pm screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-14-34-pm screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-11-52-pm


Purchase these heels here or shop more gorgeous summer shoes on Superbalist like these modern leather mule slip ons!


Mules R799, Vero Moda on Superbalist

Photos by Radiefa Peters.



Denim DNA: Introducing 91:LTD


There’s no question that denim’s been taking over as the most sought after fabric this season. Patches, flares, embellished, distressed, double denim – some of the most popular trends of late have been denim-related.

Soo, it’s no wonder Cotton On decided to introduce 91:LTD last month (August) – an exclusive 18-piece denim capsule collection – and only available for a strictly limited time.

They’re in store now ladies and this is what my 91:LTD look is all about:


I’m wearing:

Crop top –  91:LTD at Cotton On

Pencil skirt – 91:LTD at Cotton On

Sunglasses – Tom Ford

Earrings – Zara

Handbag – H&M

Skinny cuff (on wrist) – Zando

Heels – Cotton On


screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-26-45-pm screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-26-29-pm screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-26-18-pm

91 Also happens to be the year I was born in so it’s a magical fit.

Photos by Radiefa Peters.


24 Hours In Casablanca


After three flights, two movies, a documentary, four glasses of wine and a trip on a kick ass mini golf cart to get to the next airport terminal, we arrived in Casablanca, the city hub of Morocco.

As some of you know, I am on holiday as of Friday! I’ve wanted to go to these two places for years now, and here we are – Morocco and Spain for two weeks.

The first night of our trip was spent in Casablanca before catching a flight to Barcelona. We arrived exhausted and in need of a long shower and once our post-flight ducks were in a row, we set off to explore the city!


Casablanca, we soon learnt, is a strangely almost dilapidated city yet with it’s own charm. For instance, after a stretch of dirty roads with dried up cockroaches every few metres (ok, so it’s a hot city!) you’ll find a beautiful sight like a fresh produce market or bougainvillea-ridden tiny cobble road.


After exploring we soon realised the city comes alive in the evenings and during day, the streets almost seemed abandoned besides for the few sets of Parisian coffee shops or Salon De Thés (tea is like coffee in Morocco) – which interestingly were 99% occupied by men.

We first went to see the tallest mosque in the world, the Hassan II Mosque that was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever laid eyes on – definitely a must when visiting the city. Scattered with typical Moroccan tiles in blues, turquoises and oranges and made from marble and concrete, the mosque can fit 10 prayers.


IMG_0085 IMG_0052


We stopped at the Sacré-Cœur de Casablanca, a pristine looking cathedral surrounded by lush palm trees, and then set off to find a restaurant we had been recommended – and got terribly lost wandering the streets. Interesting fact: I suggest you brush up on your Français when visiting the city as next to no one speaks English!


After being “lost”, which was great really as this way we saw the real core of the city, we stopped at Mood Cafe for lunch.


In the afternoon we decided to try out a Hammam, which is the traditional marble steam room prevalent in Moroccan culture. Our hotel recommended Hammam Ziani and off we went! Ok, so actually Brett was super hesitant about going and we also had dinner straight after but after persuading him on how interesting of an experience this could be (plus, how wet could we really get?), off we went And, it sure was an experience!

We opted for the massage, to cure our plane seat ridden bodies, and the desk lady kindly showed us different ways – boys and girls do not enjoy the hamman experience together and in typical Moroccan tradition – it’s a great catch up for the ladies and a place where they feel 100% comfortable with their girlfriends.

I was told to undress with and to only keep my bottoms on (I was prepared for this and brought my bikini bottoms) and then taken into what’s best described as an underground steamed compound made entirely of marble, fascinating and nothing I’d ever seen before. I was clearly the only non-local and there were about 12 other Moroccan ladies who chatted and laughed in the steam.

I then was the spectator to three body scrubs where I had a full frontal view – I won’t go into too much detail here but let’s just say this was quite a sight.

After a masseuse became available she took me too another room, sprayed down a bed with water (by this time I was dripping wet because of the intense steam) and was told to lie down as she began to oil me up. During the thirty-minute massage – where she massaged every inch of my body – and I mean every inch, the celling dripped on me every now and then from the condensation and the lady who massaged me had a bad cough. My inner-hygiene freak had to be given a 5 minute pep talk when I thought of the person who’d been on the bed before me’s sweat that I was inevitably lying on and let’s just say I survived the experience. I do recommend this as it’s nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

For dinner we went to Al-Mounia, a local restaurant, with the cutest, quaint lantern-lit courtyard where we had Moroccan beer, chicken couscous (average) and lamb tajine with plums (highly recommended!).




We then waked the quite gone crazy bustling streets that had literally woken up and gave meaning to the term ‘like night and day’, shopped and had ice cream (standard). A bonus was that the locals don’t haggle you when browsing at the market goods – although I’ve heard this is a real problem in Marrakech where we’re go to after Spain. Either way, I’ll let you know 😉



All In The Details Just sleeving my life


Lately, I found a new obsession with sleeves. Such an overlooked part of a garment – but not this season. This season it’s all about sleeves and the details they come with. The larger and more dramatic, the better.

My three new favourites:

  1. ‘French cuffs’ – Larger and more structured cuffs on a shirt, like the ones on my beautiful shirt below from H&M’s Studio Collection, are classics.
  2. ‘Fancy cuffs’ – Like these faux fur trimmed three quarter length sleeves below on my knit from Zara.
  3. ‘Bell Sleeves’ – Billowing bell shaped sleeves that make you wanna constantly do a little dance (or take Boomerangs).



I’m wearing:

Shirt – H&M Studio Collection

Knit with fur trimmed sleeves – Zara

Coat – Zara

Skinny wax coated jeans – Cotton On

Earrings and mini chain bag – Zara


Embrace the sleeves guys, shop (and read more about) sleeve-y tops on our trend report on Cosmo.

Just sleeving my life in pretty details.

Photos by Niquita Bento taken at South African Menswear Fashion Week.


New Shoe Smell


Who doesn’t love that smell of a pair of brand new shoes? Every fellow shoe-obsessed will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m loving the shoes on Superbalist at the moment, they have some amazing winter buys!

Here’s My Pick of My Five Favourites:

-Chunky Heels Boots:

Recently, I love a slight pointed shape when it comes to ankle boots. This chic black pair of leather boots are versatile and will look great with pretty much any outfit.

R1 899, Sol Sana

R1 899, Sol Sana on Superbalist

-Metallic Sneakers:

I love these classic Superga sneakers in this modern metallic shade. Metallic sneakers can act as a neutral which means they can be paired with just about any look.

R949, Superga

R949, Superga

-Thigh High Boots:

How gorge are these black mock suede thigh high boots? I would wear them with skinny jeans and a chunky knit.Boots

R1 199, Billini on Superbalist

R1 199, Billini on Superbalist

-Lace-up Boots:

Not only are lace ups super on point but these block heeled babies add extra comfort so you won’t be dying a slow death in your heels! Perfect for work and play.

R349, Truffle on Superbalist

R349, Truffle on Superbalist

-Winter Heels:

These heels are everything. And can you believe they’re R349? I love their babydoll feel with the peep toe and chunky heel.

R349, Truffle on Superbalist

R349, Truffle on Superbalist

Which are your favourite?

PS. These velvet Missguided boots are pretty cool – what do you think? Retro and kinda fabulous. 😏😻

R899, Missguided on Superbalist

R899, Missguided on Superbalist

Click here to browse all things shoes.